About This Blog

First, this is not a travel blog. It may look like one but don’t let it fool you.

This blog is a platform for me to practice writing.

The knowledge that I might have any talent for writing is a somewhat new revelation to me. So is having the self-awareness to realize that this is what I have always wanted to do.

Sometimes the obvious presents itself as an abstract series of problems to solve that collectively resemble more of a Jenga tower than a path. First, I had to meet a girl, learn a new trade, and get a crazy idea stuck in my head. Then, I had to create a reality around making that crazy idea a possibility.

This is how I ended up writing marketing copy for a print company. Writing can be done from anywhere, a key logistical ingredient for the execution of my crazy idea, the one where my girl and I buy one-way tickets to Quito, Ecuador to pursue a year of mini-immersion culture shock in four to six Latin American countries throughout South America. We departed for our journey on October 3rd, 2017. Working remotely part-time is providing me with a livable stipend.

This blog is merely the potential that, given enough space, time, and adventure, I might write something.