Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

“Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt” – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

I’m having a Kurt Vonnegut moment. Actually, I’m having two. The quote from Slaughterhouse-Five is quite apropos just now but my quest to describe why leaves me thinking of a different Vonnegut story, the one where people realize that having a body is a person’s biggest liability and so shed their meat sacks to live as enlightened, unfettered intelligence. *Unready To Wear

Floating here in the low surf with my eyes closed is the closest I have ever come to transcend the burden of my physical form. Buoyant on the salty water, no effort on my part is required. I am free to be limp with no care. Through my eyelids is a nebula of soft red that doesn’t hold its shape. Ill-formed ribbons of lighter hues ripple through it, displacing the spectrum of light as the occasional dark floater wanders and morphs like a lost blob from a lava lamp. I don’t see the red as much as I perceive it. All of my senses are working in concert, lending their voices to a common cord, one that reverberates through me, shaking loose my molecules until raw, unimpeded energy flows freely and the lines that hold my shape become blurred and indistinguishable from the water that surrounds me. I am the red. I am the warm. I am the sea, gently rising and falling with the lingering tide. I carry no weight of existence.

Adulting is for suckers.

I prefer to float.

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